Preliminary Practice Day Retreats (In-Person, Live-Stream, or Live-Stream Recording)


The Four Great Preliminary Guide Retreat sessions are invaluable tools for successful spiritual practice.  The sessions are sometimes called “gateways” because by stepping through them we can enter into deep and powerful states of meditation and gain authentic realizations. This practice purifies karmic obstructions, removes inner obstacles and allows the light of Buddha’s wisdom to take root in our heart.

Preliminary Practice Meditation Retreat January 2021

the gateway to entering Buddhism, generating the compassionate mind of Bodhichitta, the main path to Lamrim realizations and enlightenment

Friday, Jan 8
Saturday, Jan 9

the gateway to purifying non-virtuous actions and obstructions, eliminating the main causes of suffering in this life

Friday, Jan 15
Saturday, Jan 16

the gateway to accumulate a collection of merit or positive mental energy, the main path to attaining a pure mind and world

Friday, Jan 22
Saturday, Jan 23

the gateway to receiving the blessings of all Buddhas, the main path for mixing our mind with the mind of enlightened beings

Friday, Jan 29
Saturday, Jan 30

winter retreat session schedule (90 min each)
Fridays 9:00 am • 12:00 pm • 4:30 pm • 7:00 pm
Saturdays 9:00 am • 12:00 pm • 4:30 pm • 7:00 pm

Come to all the sessions or drop in to as many as you can fit into your schedule.  No RSVP necessary.

$3/session or $10/day (free for members)
Please call  (310) 848-9680 if you have any questions.

retreats held at
Mahamudra Kadampa Meditation Center
500 6th St
Hermosa Beach, CA  90254


1.  Simply click the appropriate session(s) below and complete the payment form.
2.  Once payment is complete, you will receive an email with the YouTube link(s) for the respective session(s).  (Please check your spam/junk folder.).
3.  The link you receive is unique for you and is not to be shared with others.
4.  Simply click the link to join the Live-Stream class 5 minutes before it begins or use the link to view as a Live-Stream Recording after class is finished.
5.  Enjoy!

We recommend signing up at least one hour before the session to work out any technical difficulties ahead of time.

Don’t forget!  After registering to click on the live-stream link beforehand to print out handouts used during the retreat located in the YouTube class description.

Please contact Kelsang Drenpa at if you have any questions.

Please note: This class is offered for residents, guests and members of the local community.  If you do not live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles or Orange County, please click here to find and support a Kadampa Center nearest you.

TROUBLE ACCESSING CLASSES??  Please contact Kelsang Drenpa at