Kelsang Drenpa teaches General Program classes

Kelsang Drenpa

Kelsang Drenpa is a Buddhist nun who serves as the Administrative Director for the Center.  She met this tradition in 2008 and has been studying in both the General Program and Foundation/Teacher Training Programs.  Drenpa enjoys teaching Thursday evening General Program classes in Hermosa Beach and sharing her love of Dharma with everyone.

Keith Holmes Teaches Buddhist Meditation Sunday mornings at South Coast Botanic Garden

Keith Holmes

Keith is a long time member and has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for many years in the Foundation/Teacher Training Program.  On Sunday mornings he can be found leading a meditation class at the beautiful South Coast Botanic Gardens in Rolling Hills.  Afterwards Keith encourages his students to contemplate what they heard in the garden.

Nick teaches meditation in Rancho Palos Verdes

Nick Ploplys

Nick teaches General Program classes and Heart Jewel classes and often assists at the Center.  He enjoys studying and practicing Kadampa meditation and shares Dharma with others with humor and sincerity.  Join Nick in Rancho Palos Verdes at his Wednesday evening class.

Crista teaches Meditation for Kids and Families Sunday Mornings

Crista Riccio

Crista loves teaching the Meditation for Kids and Families class on Sunday mornings at the Center.  She has a warm way of sharing her love of Dharma and enjoys helping people find inner peace through meditation practice.  Crista studies in the General Program and Foundation/Teacher Training Program and also serves as the Education Program Coordinator for the Center.

John teaches General Program classes

John Williams

John teaches Lunchtime Meditations on Tuesdays and has been studying for several years in both the General Program and Foundation/Teacher Training Programs.  He has a vast appreciation for meditation and a clear and practical way of engaging with students that makes his meditations both easy to understand and apply to every day life.  John also enjoys bringing his family to the Meditation for Kids and Families class.